Welcome to the gated community of communal cat toilets

Our laundry room is Toilet Town for cats.

It’s not my favourite place to be, but our dogs love it. Pugs have an affinity for eating poop, and our cats’ poop is no exception.

Our pug Moby is a shorty and not much of a jumper, so the way we keep him out of Toilet Town is with a pet gate. Specifically this one.

We had a higher gate before, but my hip would click every time I would walk over it and after awhile, that’s a pretty uncomfortable feeling. It would make me not want to go in the room to clean the cat litter boxes, and that’s not where you want to be with your litter box cleaning schedule.

So this new gate is super strong metal, very short (for small non-jumpy dogs) and has a pretty unique plastic locking mechanism to secure it in place.

Now Onyx the Bug can still enter the litter area and munch out on cat poop, Moby cannot and thus we still get to enjoy the feeling of having at least one dog that doesn’t poop then try and lick your face. 

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