I have been in love with these pens for close to twenty years.

They’re smooth-rolling gel pens from uni-ball. Perfect for long flowing writing sessions or even for signing checks, as the ink is not eraseable.

The only thing is if you touch it when it’s still wet with your hand or anything else, it will smudge a bit. And if you spill water or beads of perspiration drop from your brow during an intense writing session you’ll get some smudging. The ink dries quickly enough, but I have smudged a page when I got to the end of it and flipped it over. So watch it!

But the ease of use and the sleek feel of the pen in your hand makes up for it all. It forms perfect letters and who can’t like a pen that clicks on and off and on and off and on and off….

Gel pens. Buy them here.

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