Headphones in any colour

I was reminded recently how much I like these headphones when my MacBook Pro speakers weren’t loud enough to catch the distinct nuances of people mumbling when they speak. Yay for proofreading jobs with audio. Not as much fun as without, let me tell you.

I plugged those babies in and placed them in my ears and immediately felt the silicone buds just melt into my ear holes and become a part of my physiology.

I could instantly hear every word I needed to and could lean back and finally relax and not strain to do my job.

The cord is long and the colours are cool. Mine are a brilliant blue.

They’re economical and are easily carried anywhere.

If you need good audio quality and you’re not into Bluetooth headphones or hard plastic buds sticking out of your ears, give these a try.

Plus, this brand has a guarantee that if they break, they’ll replace them. I did that with a pair my sister gave me years ago and I received a brand new pair I still use to this day.

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