Safe ant killer

You’re not going to believe this but tiny fossilized skeletons of aquatic organisms can get rid of your ant problem.

What I’m talking about is a powdery substance called diotmaceous earth. It really is made of the fossilized skeletons of tiny aquatic organisms called diatoms. This stuff acts like silica, which is the stuff you find in packets in new shoes, some crunchy snacks and leather products where the silica soaks up the moisture so the product isn’t ruined.

In fact, silica is actually mined from where these little beasties used to reside in rivers, lakes, streams and oceans.

So what this powder with a weird name will do is you will sprinkle it in your ant hills and on your ants and the powder will remove the moisture from the ants and they will shrivel up and die. Not a happy way to go, but perhaps better than watching your family members being stomped on one by one.

It’s funny because I have such a conscience about using this stuff and feel bad for the ants because honestly, I wouldn’t want to shrivel to death and I really don’t know what happens after we die and I don’t want to experience the death of every ant I’ve killed.

Yes, I’m an ant killer. But you may need to be too if they’re invading your house and infesting your food. Because once one ant finds the goodies, the rest come.

And don’t be afraid to sprinkle the powder if the house if you need to. The most that can happen is irritated nasal passages or irritated eyes. But that’s only if you touch it. If you don’t want your pets irritated, just sprinkle it in the baseboard cracks where your pets won’t go.

Check out this lovely substance here.

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