Can you spot the ugly chicken shirt?

Some of the happiest times I’ve had have been laying in bed watching Roseanne with my husband and our furbabies. We have the entire series on DVD which is 222 episodes spanning nine seasons. And that’s not including bonuses and special features. I admit we haven’t gone through the entire DVD set yet.

We used to watch it on a Canadian television station called déjà vu until one day Roseanne was mysteriously canceled.

We used to watch it every day before bed. We taped it on our PVR and there was usually two episodes per day. We went through all of the seasons over and over and over again for years. I always got a sense of calm watching the show and I always found new things that I missed from before. I always found new laughs and always laughed at the old jokes too. Whenever Roseanne was on then the pets new that it was time for bed. I had a lot of good dreams falling asleep watching the show.

If you like Roseanne Barr’s sense of humor and love John Goodman I heartily recommend watching Roseanne. Plus you get to see George Clooney, Tom Arnold, Bob Hope, Neil Patrick Harris, Bill Maher, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Joan Collins, Chris Farley, Florence Henderson, Sharon Stone, Fabio and Ellen Degeneres, among others. You will love the blooper reels, fans top questions and spotting the ugly chicken shirt. We can’t be buddies unless you love that show.

And it’s coming back to TV! Watch for it on ABC. I’ll be waiting impatiently.

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