That’s Nice

I have never laughed harder in my life than when watching the sitcom Mrs. Brown’s boys.

I have the complete series on DVD including seven Christmas specials.

I first encountered Mrs. Brown on Netflix in Canada and then at Christmas time I saw the Christmas specials were playing on BBC Canada on cable TV, so I taped them. They’re still on our PVR and I still watch them. I find comfort in watching them because I’ve watched them so many times and they’re scripted and I know what’s happening and they’re just so darn funny.

There is something about an old lady with a foul mouth that never gets old. Plus a man in drag is always hilarious. Plus the cast of characters is great.

I love that it’s a family comedy even though they’re swearing. I haven’t even watched all of the extras or extended scenes and alternative scene endings. But I will.

I even bought two Mrs. Browns Boys mugs for our anniversary. So you know that I love this series. I can’t recommend this TV series highly enough. It will bring you out of the dumps if you’re ever in them.

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