When your business room is your pug’s bidness room

My husband and I have a sense of pride, frustration, love, care and gratitude for our dogs. But when it comes to peeing and pooing, it’s more embarrassment and resignation.

We use puppy pads in the house because they have the tiniest bladders and pee sooo many times in a day and night. I already wake up two or three times a night just to let the pugs outside.

Pugs are kind of hard to train. I’m sure there’s people out there that have perfect pugs, but we don’t got perfect nothing, and we’re okay with that.

When the dogs play they zoom around the house back and forth, on the couch, on the chairs, on the bed… and then they poop.

But they do it on the puppy pads!

So they poop and pee when they need to, and when we can’t let them out or they don’t tell us they need to go, they generally do it on the pads, or right beside them.

Nobody’s perfect.

Amazon Basics has 150-count puppy pad packs you can get on subscription sent to your door every month. I haven’t subscribed yet and have just been trying different brands and seeing how many pads we use per month, but I really like the Amazon pads and it’s probably time to sign up. Here they are here.

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