I’m a berry in my boysenberry robe

I bought this robe from Amazon and I absolutely love it. It’s purple and the name of the color on the website is boysenberry. It’s very plush and it has a very long collar that I can zip up to my chin. And the neck hole is big enough for my fat neck. It goes very long. I’m 5’7″ and it goes down to mid calf on me.

The only issue is when I bought it it has a three-quarter length sleeve. Which is no good in the winter time. But what they did is fold up some of it and stick it in place. So when I got it I just cut the stitches and unrolled it and it is the correct length now. I accidentally cut into the fabric as well so I have a hole in my left arm. It’s not a big deal though it hasn’t frayed at all. I don’t think it will being the kind of material that it is. I think I may be in love with polyester. And fuzzy stuff. But that always comes in handy in the wintertime. Especially in the great White North. There are other colors as well such as blue and red pink and crap like that.

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