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The Golden Girls

You can currently catch the Golden girls on the déjà vu channel in Canada. I don’t know if it’s playing anywhere else in any other country but they only play two episodes a day unless there’s a marathon where they play about eight a day over and over. So what […]


Pet bed

If you have small pets you know that they like to curl up in a little space of their own. This bed provides them that comfort with its soft material and raised edges that help the bed keep its shape and allows the animal to rest its head. We have […]


Fuzzy Wuzzy was a sock

So I bought this package of socks from Amazon. They’re super soft fuzzy socks and dark neutral colors so they’re suitable for men or women. I love the socks because they keep my feet warm during the winter and when my husband has the air conditioning on. They don’t come […]


Crocs with attitude

I love wearing Crocs. The ones pictured above are slightly more fashionable than the regular Croc style. I’ve even gotten compliments on them when I wear them. These are great for people with sore feet, wide feet, casual style and they’re waterproof, so they’re good for wearing by the water […]


It’s Still Rock and Roll to Me

How would you like to croon like Bono, rock out like Aerosmith or belt out amazing melodies like Freddie and Queen? You could if you knew how to play an instrument or sing and had the sheet music. One day I decided I wanted to sing and play guitar. My […]