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I go quackers over Plackers

Did you hear about the study on the news recently that said that flossing isn’t actually necessary or is not proven to help as much as they say? Have you ever encountered a dentist that doesn’t recommend flossing? Ya, neither have I. But whether you believe the study or dentists or […]


I’m Keen on these boots

I wear these boots to work every day as a security guard. They’re Keen brand. They’re well-made and are one of the brands the orthotists I see in town recommend. I’ve been wearing them for more than a year and a half and they’re still going strong. They’ve got rubber […]


The perfect cleaning companion

I don’t really like cleaning. Some people do, but I would say most people don’t even though everyone likes a clean living space. The product that helps me clean the easiest I would say is Lysol wipes. There’s no wringing and dumping in buckets of water, just pull, wipe and […]


That’s Nice

I have never laughed harder in my life than when watching the sitcom Mrs. Brown’s boys. I have the complete series on DVD including seven Christmas specials. I first encountered Mrs. Brown on Netflix in Canada and then at Christmas time I saw the Christmas specials were playing on BBC […]


Dog nail clippers

These are some of the best nail clippers we have ever owned for our pets. They have a comfortable grip, an angled head so it’s at the correct angle for proper clipping, and a safety guard so you can’t overclip your dog’s nails. Our dogs don’t actually like getting their […]


Massage stick

Who doesn’t need a good massage? Self-massage is great and despite having two handles, this stick allows you to massage yourself one-handed. It’s perfect for your every part of your back, quads, shoulder blades and even your feet. I especially like using it to scratch itchy soles. It comes in […]


Can you spot the ugly chicken shirt?

Some of the happiest times I’ve had have been laying in bed watching Roseanne with my husband and our furbabies. We have the entire series on DVD which is 222 episodes spanning nine seasons. And that’s not including bonuses and special features. I admit we haven’t gone through the entire […]


Night cap

So sleeping with a pug in the bed can get a bit complicated. They like to be close, warm and take up a lot of space for a small animal. But they can get too close (such as snoring in your ear or kicking you in the privates), getting under […]