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Like sports gloves for your feet

The husband’s favourite socks are Champion socks. They’re a white crew sock with good elastic. There’s grey on the bottom and the champion logo and name on them. We bought them in a big pack from Costco and last year they had black ones in the pack too. They’re thick […]


Like a bra for dogs

We just took the dogs for a walk. We’ve had lots of unluck with harnesses for walking. Pugs are one of the breeds that they don’t recommend you walk them by the collar. It puts too much pressure on their throats and can collapse their trachea. It’s hard even finding […]


This Box rocks

Do you know someone who refuses to use a case on their mobile devices? An iPhone without a case, a Samsung Galaxy without a case, a tablet without a case. Who does that?! I sure as hell don’t. I take my phone everywhere (yes, even to the bathroom) and it’s […]


Hemmorhoids are Murda

If you’ve ever had a hemmorhoid, you know that they are the epitome of not fun-ness. The burning, the itching, the pain, the blood… ugh, the blood. It’s like a live murder in the toilet bowl. Every. Morning. What I’ve found helps in this situation is Preparation H with PE. […]


This Bird ain’t Angry

Every dog has their quirks. Pugs loves toys, and one of Dexter’s favourite toys was always Tigger. He loved Tigger and would chew on him every night before bed and softly whimper to himself.  Moby does the same thing but with an Angry Bird toy now called Humpy Bird because […]