Night cap

So sleeping with a pug in the bed can get a bit complicated.

They like to be close, warm and take up a lot of space for a small animal. But they can get too close (such as snoring in your ear or kicking you in the privates), getting under you when you’re turning over in bed and getting too warm, forcing their way from under the covers. This is what happens to Moby at night.

Moby lives to be warm and close, but he gets too warm and comes out from under the covers and lays on my pillow. So I share my pillow with a pug, and thus, I need to wear a nightcap so my hair doesn’t tickle the pug’s nose.

Oh the things we do for our animals.

This hat is actually a beanie, which I’ve worn out of the house too, but it’s nice and soft and elastic for nighttime. It comes in many colours, but I like the grey one.

See if you want a nightcap too.

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