The perfect cleaning companion

I don’t really like cleaning. Some people do, but I would say most people don’t even though everyone likes a clean living space.

The product that helps me clean the easiest I would say is Lysol wipes. There’s no wringing and dumping in buckets of water, just pull, wipe and dump in the garbage.

Now that is slightly more wasteful than using a reusable rag, but honestly, I just wouldn’t clean as much if I had to use rags. I have issues with my wrists and it’s hard enough just to wipe things down, I don’t need to add wringing out water and squeezing and whatever else. Give me simple, and I will clean simply.

I’m a fan of Lysol because it kills germs. When your dog poops on the floor or your cat pukes on the table, sometimes you just need a little extra germ control.

Check out these easy-to-use germ-fighting cleaning wipes.

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