The best way to open a letter

One of the most often overlooked yet wonderful office tools you can own is a letter opener.

Sure, a lot of people use a pen or a kitchen knife, chopstick or their fingers or teeth to open their mail, but nothing compares to the clean cuts and slicing sounds you can make with a sharp-bladed letter opener.

One of my most favourite tools in my office is my letter opener. Actually, I stuck a piece of magnet strip to mine and keep it attached to the fridge. I don’t know why, but the kitchen seems like the best place to open mail. Maybe that’s because there’s a large garbage, a fridge to attach important letters to and also food to eat if you don’t like your bill.

When shopping for a letter opener opt for a tip that’s small enough that you can insert it into the edge of an envelope without having to open it first with your fingers. Also get a blade that’s sharp enough that you get that satisfying slicing sound and are left with a clean cut.

This one is a nice one.

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