Letter opener

I’ve always loved office products. Anything to organize all the essentials you need to keep your paper and digital life in order. 

One of the luxuries for any office is a letter opener.

Technically you can use anything to open a letter such as a pen, a kitchen knife, a comb, a chopstick or your teeth.

But none of these give you the precise slicing sensation you get with a good letter opener.

For years I’ve used a letter opener I picked up from some kind of convention or job fair. It is plastic and advertised some kind of company on the front of it. I stuck a sticky magnet piece to it so it is always on the side of our fridge.

The blade is so small and sharp and it has a long pointy finger on it to slip through the top of an envelope.

It makes such a satisfying noise when slicing through paper. I wouldn’t want to do without it.

And once you try it, you won’t either. 

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