Kool-Aid to the rescue

One of my favourite drinks I’ve discovered of late is Kool-Aid flavour drops in a can of club soda.

If you’re like me, you’ve often wondered what club soda is and what the difference is between tonic water, sparkling water and club soda.

Club soda has baking soda in it. It tastes a bit salty, but if you put enough flavouring in it, you can turn it sweet.

Tonic water tastes sweet because it has sugar in it and quinine, which is something you shouldn’t take if you have heart issues. At least that’s what someone with heart issues told me.

Sperkling water is just carbonated water. It comes in many flavoured sugar-free varieties.

I still like club soda with drops the best because it’s like drinking a carbonated Kool-Aid punch. And it’s perfect for someone who can’t handle a lot of acid in their diet (such as people with interstitial cystitis, an often painful bladder condition or people who get a lot of heartburn). The baking soda in club soda will tame down the acid content in whatever flavouring you add (or alcohol, if you add alcohol) and make it the perfect fizzy drink for you and your acid-lovin’ friends.

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