It’s Still Rock and Roll to Me

How would you like to croon like Bono, rock out like Aerosmith or belt out amazing melodies like Freddie and Queen? You could if you knew how to play an instrument or sing and had the sheet music.

One day I decided I wanted to sing and play guitar. My mom had a guitar, so I used it.
After playing the violin since I was five, I found the guitar to be such a big instrument. I found it difficult to get my fingers all around the fingerboard.

So next best thing in my mind was to play the mandolin. It has the same strings as a violin and it’s about the same size.

I love pop and rock music, top 40s jingo jango baddabing baddaboom. Besides a few years of piano lessons when I was young and some Music Theory lessons, I didn’t know much about playing chords.

So I picked up this book with melody line, chords and lyrics for keyboard, guitar and vocal. It’s a paperback, so it’s small and can most likely fit in your case–whatever instrument you play.

With all the great rock artists from the ’80s and ’90s like Bon Jovi, Tracy Chapman, The Beatles, Billy Joel… really you can’t go wrong with this one.

62 songs at a bargain price.

Check it out here.


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