I go quackers over Plackers

Did you hear about the study on the news recently that said that flossing isn’t actually necessary or is not proven to help as much as they say?

Have you ever encountered a dentist that doesn’t recommend flossing? Ya, neither have I.

But whether you believe the study or dentists or me or not, the fact remains that your teeth are little pillars of bone wedged inside this moist hole you call a mouth that is constantly shoving chewy, sticky, flaky, crusty, stringy, chippy foods inside of it.

These chewy, sticky, flaky, crusty, stringy, chippy foods can get stuck in between your tiny towers of ivory bone.

Flossing is not that fun. But using a pick is! And so much easier! Using a toothpick is one of the easiest ways to get something unstuck from between your teeth.

Plackers share the best of both worlds: you hold the Placker like a pick and can floss with a tiny piece of floss you don’t need to wrap around your finger, and there is also a pick attached that you can pick with if you need a little extra help unlodging that sludge you call food from that cavern of muck you call a mouth. 

Try them out. Maybe you can even recycle the plastic. No one is stopping you from trying. 

Would these work for dentures? Let me know if you find out. 

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