The most fashionable shoe this side of your granny’s porch

One of the best purchases I have made lately are my Crocs. They are indoor Crocs and they have fuzzy lining. I use them as slippers. They’re actually triple comfort so they have extra softness in the heels which is exactly what I need for my planter fasciitis after coming home from work and patrolling for an hour or two. I bought them in black because that’s all that was available from the store called Soft Moc in the mall. I bought them there because I wanted them that day but honestly I could’ve bought them from Amazon and had them within a day or two. Well I guess in two days. They also come in pink and some other colors I’m sure. Supposedly I can wash the the lining if I want to. It’s attached to the base with two buttons; one on each side. Of course it’s like polyester fuzzy stuff so it’s super fuzzy it will make your feet sweat a lot though especially since I wear them with my fuzzy socks and to complete the outfit I wear longjohns my purple zipfront plush robe and often I’m wearing my hip-hop beanie or my yellow piece of crap hat that my friend gave me for Christmas. So of course I am super fashionable and the object of everyone’s desire. If you have foot issues or just enjoy comfort I highly recommend crocs and especially this pair with the triple comfort heels and the fleece lining. Don’t blame me if your spouse wants a divorce or if your boyfriend or your girlfriend or your friends decide they don’t like you anymore.

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