Doggone Gorgeous

Over the years I’ve had many dogs, but I never had a dog that needed to wear clothes until we got bug dogs.

Bug Dogs are Boston Terrier Pug cross dogs that are slightly pudgy, but also energetic with pushed in faces, but with snouts longer than pugs and their coats come in a variety of colours.

They’re energetic, playful, loving companions who love to play non-stop and guard the house and chase their cat buddies around.

Dexter and Bugsy were our original bugs. Bugsy was the dad and Dexter was Bugsy’s son. They got along quite well even though Bugsy was a breeder for many years before we bought him and was a little aggressive and Dexter was a little hyper anxious from being attacked by a German shepherd dog in his puppy years.

Bugsy had much thicker fur than Dexter, while Dexter was almost bald in spots. He was our little Ginger.

The winters here can be quite cold and the dogs still needed to go outside to pee and walk and play around so I ventured to Winners one day and found this wonderful brand of dog clothing that we both love not only for its style and quality, but for its perfect fit for a dog that has awkward sizing.

When you have a dog breed that’s crossed with another dog breed you sometimes get some interesting results, not the least the differences in size and shape and length and weight.

Enter Doggone Gorgeous clothing. Perfect size for bugs and pugs.

We bought fleeces, hoodies, t-shirts and tank tops. If I had found coats at Winners, I would have bought those too.

Check out this brand of dog clothing if you have a pup or kitty who needs to be warm and stylish and comfortable

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