Watching cats go crazy

Can you believe there are some pet cats in the world who have never had catnip? A travesty!

Every animal deserves an escape from daily life or a pick me up.

Elephants have alcohol they ferment themselves by burying fruit in the ground and digging it up later to get drunk.

Dogs can eat cat poop, eat their own poop and eat just about anything you let them get their paws on.

And cats should have catnip.

If you’ve never seen a cat high on catnip, you are missing out. The spazziness, the fuzzy tails, the strange noises and buggy eyes, the bouncing from corner to corner of the house. So entertaining. But don’t get too close if your cat’s a scratcher.

If you have cats and you want to entertain them and yourself, get some dried catnip here.

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