Doggone Gorgeous

Over the years I’ve had many dogs, but I never had a dog that needed to wear clothes until we got bug dogs. Bug Dogs are Boston Terrier Pug cross dogs that are slightly pudgy, but also energetic with pushed in faces, but with snouts longer than pugs and their […]

Watching cats go crazy

Can you believe there are some pet cats in the world who have never had catnip? A travesty! Every animal deserves an escape from daily life or a pick me up. Elephants have alcohol they ferment themselves by burying fruit in the ground and digging it up later to get […]

Like a bra for dogs

We just took the dogs for a walk. We’ve had lots of unluck with harnesses for walking. Pugs are one of the breeds that they don’t recommend you walk them by the collar. It puts too much pressure on their throats and can collapse their trachea. It’s hard even finding […]

Dog nail clippers

These are some of the best nail clippers we have ever owned for our pets. They have a comfortable grip, an angled head so it’s at the correct angle for proper clipping, and a safety guard so you can’t overclip your dog’s nails. Our dogs don’t actually like getting their […]

Pet bed

If you have small pets you know that they like to curl up in a little space of their own. This bed provides them that comfort with its soft material and raised edges that help the bed keep its shape and allows the animal to rest its head. We have […]