Hemmorhoids are Murda

If you’ve ever had a hemmorhoid, you know that they are the epitome of not fun-ness. The burning, the itching, the pain, the blood… ugh, the blood. It’s like a live murder in the toilet bowl. Every. Morning. What I’ve found helps in this situation is Preparation H with PE. […]

I go quackers over Plackers

Did you hear about the study on the news recently that said that flossing isn’t actually necessary or is not proven to help as much as they say? Have you ever encountered a dentist that doesn’t recommend flossing? Ya, neither have I. But whether you believe the study or dentists or […]

Massage stick

Who doesn’t need a good massage? Self-massage is great and despite having two handles, this stick allows you to massage yourself one-handed. It’s perfect for your every part of your back, quads, shoulder blades and even your feet. I especially like using it to scratch itchy soles. It comes in […]