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Hands-free, not head-free

Hands-free, not head-free

Have you ever wanted to listen to music Or an audiobook or course content on the sly, without anyone knowing it? That’s what I use my Bluetooth headset for. Most people use something like this for handsfree phone calls, but I like to use mine to occupy my mind with […]

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When you need power for your gadgets

When you need power for your gadgets

Cell phones laptops and tablets never hold enough battery. You’re always gonna run out sometime. You can minimize the stress this can cause by investing in an external battery. I’ve tried many brands, but I believe we hit the jackpot when we found this brand on Amazon. It’s a bestseller […]

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Break glass to exit

A couple of friends of ours were headed up north to wild country doing a lot of driving a while back, so for Christmas we got them each a little safety device. You can never be too careful, especially when it comes to icy roads and wild animals and bad […]

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Cooking fail, instant pot win

I’m not a big baker or cook. I love eating meals and baked treats, but I don’t really make them. Cooking seems to take forever and you have to clean up afterwards. I spoke with someone recently who loves to bake and feed people and she said that if you […]

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The magical beast called iPod Classic

My husband loves his Apple classic. We bought it for $50 from someone on Facebook. They regularly go for $300 or so because people are realizing the value of this old technology. With all the weird updates to iTunes over the years and the introduction of the cloud, do you […]

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