Keep your paws warm

The husband bought me these cute fingerless paw gloves to stay warm in the house in the winter while working on my tablet. They’re made from a cream-coloured fuzzy material resembling fur that goes almost halfway up your finger length. Your palms will be covered in brown pads resembling the […]

Night cap

So sleeping with a pug in the bed can get a bit complicated. They like to be close, warm and take up a lot of space for a small animal. But they can get too close (such as snoring in your ear or kicking you in the privates), getting under […]

Fuzzy Wuzzy was a sock

So I bought this package of socks from Amazon. They’re super soft fuzzy socks and dark neutral colors so they’re suitable for men or women. I love the socks because they keep my feet warm during the winter and when my husband has the air conditioning on. They don’t come […]