The Golden Girls

You can currently catch the Golden girls on the déjà vu channel in Canada. I don’t know if it’s playing anywhere else in any other country but they only play two episodes a day unless there’s a marathon where they play about eight a day over and over.

So what my husband and I did was we bought the complete series on DVD. We actually bought it in an online auction group on Facebook. We had a good time and I even paid extra higher than the amount that was needed just so that I knew that we would be the winners. Golden Girls is another one of those shows that played late at night so you can watch it before bed.

I always love Sophia’s banter and her funny remarks and wisecracking antics. And Betty White is always perfect as Rose and Bea Arthur is always the towering talent that she always is. The stars you can also catch in this series are Debbie Reynolds, Jeffrey Tambor from the show Transparent, Dick Van Dyke, Bob Hope, Julio Iglesias and Quentin Tarantino dressed as Elvis. You will also be surprised to find a young George Clooney playing a Miami policeman who saves the day. Hot stuff. The late Leslie Nielsen, Merv Griffin, and Alex Trebek also have guest appearances. It’s great having the bonus features on DVD too where you’ll find Joan and Melissa Rivers providing their own unique brand of fashion critique in a hilarious featurette that pays tribute to the crazy kitschy wardrobes of the Golden girls.

Some of my favourite Sophia Petrillo  euphemisms are when she calls Blanche Slut Puppy or Sheena, queen of the Slut People. Seniors can get away with saying anything!

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