the best water bottles to buy

The best everyday punch recipe

If you like citrus-flavoured punch, this recipe will rock your socks. Or your vodka.

1 can of gingerale

1 can-size helping of non-pulpy apple orange peach juice

This is the drink of champions. I know because my husband drinks it every day.

My husband actually has a brain condition where if he drinks water, the pressure in his skull rises and he gets headaches. So if he drinks a sugary beverage, he can avoid this.

To contain this magical beverage we use the Contigo Cortland autoseal water bottle. These are the perfect size for a can of pop and an equal amount of juice. They’re also practically spill-proof, the lid is part carabiner for on the go and the bottle comes in an assortment of colours.

We’ve used these bottles for about five years and it’s only now that I see that they’re not intended for carbonated or pulpy beverages. But really, that’s all we’ve been using them for, and they work great. Just pour the can along the side of the bottle so you reduce fizzing (kind of like how you would pour a good beer or Guinness), attach the lid and put down the protective spout cover then release the pressure. Just don’t use the lid lock feature. You don’t need it.

And cleanup is easy. The lid underside flips open completely so you can lay it in the top rack of your dishwasher for thorough cleaning. And if that isn’t good enough, a toothbrush fits in most parts. Or a dish rag.

If you need a good bottle to maybe try some punch or just some cold water or other beverage, check out these Contigo water bottles. They’re worth it.

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