When you need power for your gadgets

Cell phones laptops and tablets never hold enough battery. You’re always gonna run out sometime.

You can minimize the stress this can cause by investing in an external battery.

I’ve tried many brands, but I believe we hit the jackpot when we found this brand on Amazon. It’s a bestseller and there’s several reasons why.

  1. It has a huge capacity (20,000 mAh, or charging your big cell phone 6-7 time or your iPad mini 3-4 times).
  2. It has advanced circuitry that make sure whatever device you plug into it, it won’t overcharge or overheat the device.
  3. Sleek black colour and feel.
  4. High-power LEF Flashlight included.
  5. Warranty included, not that you’ll need it.


  1. It has some weight to it.
  2. There’s no plug included to plug it into the wall when charging it.
  3. It can take awhile to fully recharge your power bank.

So worth it, though.

We have two and I carry it with me when I know I’m getting low on cellphone or iPad battery. It lasts a long time, I get many charges out of it, and all I have to do is remember to include the charging cable that came with my device.

Definite must-have for anyone who loves their devices

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