Get yo smelly stinky self some sweet-smelling pit stick

Do you remember during puberty when your body was changing and you were growing hair in unmentionable places and your butt or biceps or both were growing? Your feet were stinkin’, your face was breakin’ out and your armpits were dripping with a warm, clear liquid. 

This is where parental advice or peer shaming about body odour and personal hygiene should have entered your life, if not sooner.

If you’ve ever shaved your armpits you know that the irritated skin can become bumpy with knicks from a blade or ingrown hairs. If you’ve never shaved your armpits, you still know that it’s a very sensitive area and maybe you’ve even gotten heat rash or zits under your pits. 

Antiperspirants and deodorants can sting after shaving and sometimes dry out the skin under your arms and leave rashes or dry patches. 

Enter Dove antiperspirant for women or for men. 

Every stick contains a type of lotion that will soothe your bothered skin and leave you smelling like a fresh breeze, cucumbers or apricots or tea. 

The women’s sizes aren’t as big as the men’s which ticks me off because then they don’t last as long and are similarly priced, but this is the deodorant I always wear. 

I’ve tried natural crystals and Adidas men’s deodorants and all that, but I prefer the soothing feel and soothing fragrance. And my husband has never had a rash since switching to Dove for men. 

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