This Bird ain’t Angry

Every dog has their quirks.

Pugs loves toys, and one of Dexter’s favourite toys was always Tigger. He loved Tigger and would chew on him every night before bed and softly whimper to himself. 

Moby does the same thing but with an Angry Bird toy now called Humpy Bird because of the humping motion he makes before settling down to meditate with his bird in his mouth.

We’ve bought several of these toys off Amazon, but he only really loves the original from when he was a puppy. 

When Onyx wants to be a pain in the ass sister she grabs humpy bird and tries to wrestle with him in Mony’s mouth. 

Humpy Bird has been repaired several times.

If you have small dogs whom you can keep from destroying the stuffy and getting to the battery powered squealer, this toy is ok for you pet. If your pet is a destruction machine, don’t buy it. I wouldn’t want your pet to get ahold of those tiny batteries, swallow it and burn their esophagus or stomach and possibly die. 

Or maybe you should just give this toy to a kid. That’s who they’re made for anyhow.

Angry birds are da bomb. 

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