This Box rocks

Do you know someone who refuses to use a case on their mobile devices? An iPhone without a case, a Samsung Galaxy without a case, a tablet without a case. Who does that?!

I sure as hell don’t. I take my phone everywhere (yes, even to the bathroom) and it’s constantly being subjected to liquids, heat, falls and pet claws. It’s only smart of me to have it in a case. 

I’ve had many over the years, but I really only trust Otterbox. I like that there’s three layers of protection, a guarantee and you can mix and match colours.

They’re soft to the touch, made of solid construction and I find the rubber is stronger than other brands. Generally, the layers stay together, but recently the top layer got a little bubble in it. It would have been fine but I pulled and peeled it off and cut off some of the top layer. I’m really hard on my case, so I don’t expect this to happen to you. 

If you need protection from trips, falls, slips and rain or snow, I recommend Otterbox phone and tablet cases. 

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