The magical beast called iPod Classic

My husband loves his Apple classic. We bought it for $50 from someone on Facebook. They regularly go for $300 or so because people are realizing the value of this old technology.

With all the weird updates to iTunes over the years and the introduction of the cloud, do you ever really trust that all of your music will stay on your device and not magically be erased?

This is why these devices have regained their popularity despite their weight and battery power limitations and lack of 2017 pizazz.

There’s nothing like a hard drive you can carry in your pocket that can hold all your songs, video and audiobooks and you can plug headphones into and listen to your music at the circular swipe of your finger.

The Classic is the predecessor to our modern cell phones and it deserves our respect. Apple changed the game with these iPods and the game has never been the same since. 

There’s already virtual reality headsets that turn your phone into a virtual reality game, android sex dolls and cars that drive themselves. 

I can’t help you find one of these magical devices… at least not yet. 

But if you do get your hand on one of these magical iPods I recommend the Apple classic case here: it’s black pleather, has a belt clip and metal hook for extra security or just for attaching a chain on and swinging it around in circles like Chuck Norris with nun chucks. 

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