Month: March 2017

Headphones in any colour

I was reminded recently how much I like these headphones when my MacBook Pro speakers weren’t loud enough to catch the distinct nuances of people mumbling when they speak. Yay for proofreading jobs with audio. Not as much fun as without, let me tell you. I plugged those babies in […]

Keep your paws warm

The husband bought me these cute fingerless paw gloves to stay warm in the house in the winter while working on my tablet. They’re made from a cream-coloured fuzzy material resembling fur that goes almost halfway up your finger length. Your palms will be covered in brown pads resembling the […]

Doggone Gorgeous

Over the years I’ve had many dogs, but I never had a dog that needed to wear clothes until we got bug dogs. Bug Dogs are Boston Terrier Pug cross dogs that are slightly pudgy, but also energetic with pushed in faces, but with snouts longer than pugs and their […]

Break glass to exit

A couple of friends of ours were headed up north to wild country doing a lot of driving a while back, so for Christmas we got them each a little safety device. You can never be too careful, especially when it comes to icy roads and wild animals and bad […]

Watching cats go crazy

Can you believe there are some pet cats in the world who have never had catnip? A travesty! Every animal deserves an escape from daily life or a pick me up. Elephants have alcohol they ferment themselves by burying fruit in the ground and digging it up later to get […]

Ugly mug

The husband and I have started a small collection of personalized mugs. It started with Edmonton Oilers mugs and Team Canada mugs. Then when our dear bug dog Dexter passed away, we got a personalized mug with a photo of his from our wedding and a few sayings that reminded […]