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The best everyday punch recipe

If you like citrus-flavoured punch, this recipe will rock your socks. Or your vodka. 1 can of gingerale 1 can-size helping of non-pulpy apple orange peach juice This is the drink of champions. I know because my husband drinks it every day. My husband actually has a brain condition where […]


Safe ant killer

You’re not going to believe this but tiny fossilized skeletons of aquatic organisms can get rid of your ant problem. What I’m talking about is a powdery substance called diotmaceous earth. It really is made of the fossilized skeletons of tiny aquatic organisms called diatoms. This stuff acts like silica, […]


Fibre makes the world go ’round

I’m the kind of person that doesn’t mind a little bit of extra fibre in my diet. Fibre is good for many things such as keeping you feeling full for longer so that you aren’t as hungry or don’t eat as much. Perfect for someone watching their weight… and I […]


The best way to open a letter

One of the most often overlooked yet wonderful office tools you can own is a letter opener. Sure, a lot of people use a pen or a kitchen knife, chopstick or their fingers or teeth to open their mail, but nothing compares to the clean cuts and slicing sounds you […]


Headphones in any colour

I was reminded recently how much I like these headphones when my MacBook Pro speakers weren’t loud enough to catch the distinct nuances of people mumbling when they speak. Yay for proofreading jobs with audio. Not as much fun as without, let me tell you. I plugged those babies in […]